Monday, August 8, 2011

"Wear Closed-toed Shoes."

The next morning we were awakened by what sounded like an announcement being piped into the ship. I initially thought how cool it was that the Queen Mary carried its authenticity through to making cabin announcements like on a working cruise ship. Come to find out (as I came out of my sleeping fog) it was the Carnival Paradise, docked and trying to kick this weekend’s passengers off the boat ... also known as debarkation. And boy, was she loud about it.

Woo Hoo, our ship has arrived. So, up and Aft we went.

Hello, Paradise!


We spent some time up on deck taking photos of both the Queen Mary and Paradise.

Hey, what’s through those doors? 
We have time to find out ... let’s explore.

Now would be the time to explain the “Wear closed-toed shoes” idea. For weeks (if not months) prior to our cruise, I would tell hubby we need to remember to bring closed-toed shoes because they were required for the Behind the Fun Tour. I think I said it so often more for myself than for him because he always brings sneakers. I on the other hand usually only bring various forms of sandals on a cruise. So, not wanting to be shut out of this tour, I had to keep reminding myself (out loud to everyone around) to bring closed-toed shoes.

So, on this special embarkation morning ... I of course was wearing open-toed sandals.

Stepping in and over the bottom of the metal doorway, I misjudged my stepping and BAM smashed my toe on a corner of the metal. Yes, it hurt. But, I’m not a big baby so I ventured on and through to the Isolation Ward.

The isolation ward was where foreign passengers would hang out until they were deemed healthy. It was also a place where passengers with their 1930s diseases would hang out until they were well. It was also here where I realized my bashed toe was also bleeding. Good thing I was in the Isolation Ward.

Maybe we should think about heading off this ship. But first, a few more Queen Mary photos.

 The best cup of coffee ever ... I had a great morning 
vanilla latte from the Starboard Bakery.

The outer decks were cool and the views fabulous. 
What's that I see peeking through the lifeboats? 
Ahhhh, the Carnival Paradise!

 I was fascinated by all of the ropes on this ship.

See what I mean? I just couldn't get enough.

And it looks like ... neither could Rod!

Hi all!

An early morning row of visitors came to send us off! 
Guess it's time to head the other ship ... the Carnival Paradise!

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