Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Water Sports & Flight of the Sea Gulls

Once back on the ship from our day in Catalina we headed up to the Lido Buffet for lunch then off to see what was happening on deck. Boy, there was a lot going on both on the ship and off!

On the ship, the water slide was in full use and the kids looked like they were having a great time.

The hot tubs were filled to the brim with sun-worshipping cruisers.

Security was working overtime enforcing the 'no kids in this hot tub ... they can only be in that hot tub' rule.

Onlookers were enjoying the show ... hey, that's me!

We were still anchored and Catalina proved to be a luscious backdrop for all of the afternoon's activities.

Off the ship, we watched parasailers being pulled by like kites on a string. They look pretty high!

The tenders were also moving at full pace back and forth to the Island.

Oh, what’s this I see? The Catalina Express! Like I’ve said before, we’ve traveled to Catalina quite a bit (we love it there). So I was really excited to go to Catalina on the cruise ship ... I feel like I’m somehow beating the system and getting a free ride. I didn’t have to pay for the Catalina Express! Woo hoo!

I saw this boat heading towards us and at first couldn’t figure out what they were pulling. It wasn’t until they got closer to the ship that I realized it was their kids on an innertube being pulled behind. I guess that’s one way to have some peace and quiet on their boat!

(Okay, don’t hate me for the joke ... remember, we have five kids ourselves!)

Yes, everyone was having a great time.

But, what came next can only be explained with a soundtrack. Key *dramatic music from JAWS* da-dum, da-dum, da da da da ......

Flight of the Sea Gulls

High overhead above the boat, the water sliders, the sunbathers and the delinquent hot tubbers was where most of the action was happening as dozens of sea gulls performed flybys over the deck and all it held. I think they were trying to partake in a little vacation of their own.

The cruisers look so innocent and unaware of the dangers lurking above ...

We spent the rest of the afternoon photographing the birds ... we thought it would be good practice for our Alaska cruise next year when all the Bald Eagles start flying by! LOL!

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