Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day 8 - A song you know all the words to

30 Day Music Challenge
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I didn't realize I actually knew the words to so many songs. Usually I can sing the beginning of the song and the chorus ... that's it. But, while looking at songs for today's entry, I found I really do know all the words to quite a few song ... albeit, not necessarily some of your more obvious tunes! For this entry, I have added my favorites ... those that proved the most challenge to learn and are just fun to sing!

When my kids were smaller, we spent a lot of time traveling in the car ... you know, soccer mom and all. So playing CDs became an important part of our journey. In 1995, Lisa Loeb came out with Stay and her non-ending string of words packed into the melody seemed like a fun challenge to take on. So, my two older children (Holly and Ryan) and I (Jacob was still just a baby) learned the words ... and to this day we still get excited to sing it together when it comes on. Ah, fun times!

Stay by Lisa Loeb

Another great song comes from my husband. Rod is a fan of harder rock than I tend to be, so when he wanted to share a song with me from an album he loves by Meat Loaf ... I was a bit apprehensive to say the least. Well, it didn't take much for me to become excited over the challenge of learning the words to this infamous, fast-talking, bar-brawling duet with Meat Loaf and Cher. And yes, we can still sing it together today.

Dead Ringer for Love by Meat Loaf and Cher 

While above, I wrote about the song I sing with my two older children ... this next song is one that Jacob (my youngest) and I sing ... and know all the words to. I had a hard time finding this song on You Tube because I realized I didn't know the actual title of it. You see ... when Jacob and I first started listening to this song we gave it the name ... "Sad, Italian Clown Song." Listening to it ... I hope you can understand why. Yes, it's wildly disturbing but that just makes it all the more fun to sing.

Tonight is the Night I Fell Asleep at the Wheel by Barenaked Ladies

What song do you know all the words to?


  1. Most of the Grease songs, many Social Distortion, The The, Journey, U2, Oingo Boingo.

  2. I LOVE the Grease soundtrack ... I think all the songs are fun to sing! Thank you for the comment.