Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 11 - A song from your favorite artist

30 Day Music Challenge
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There are quite a few artists ... Eagles, Barenaked Ladies, Elton John, The Beach Boys, The Beatles (to name a few) that could come in as my favorite. What they have in common is that I pretty much like any song they put out. So, how to go about narrowing it down to just one (or three even!)?

Then it came to me ... favorite could mean those artists that I hold dear to my heart and whose music simply 'speaks' to me. There was no question then that today would be a great day to pay homage to the ladies who ultimately make my iPod 'unlistenable' to everyone in my home ... but me.

Carole King, Colbie Caillat and Rosi Golan all have one thing in common ... they speak to the femme in me. Their songs litter my playlists like none other and are the epitome of what I like (and who I am) ... a little bit folk, a hint of soul and a bundle of pop with a touch of romantic whimsy thrown in.

Carole King made an impression on my shy, young self in 1971 with the release of her Tapestry album ... and I've been a fan ever since. Hers was the first full album I ever coveted and I learned every song on it — word for word. You could say she shaped my musical interests. I say, even today, she's just simply fabulous.

Way Over Yonder by Carole King

Colbie Caillat came into my life in 2007 as a breath of fresh air. Her music is understated, light and easy without distraction. I get lost in her melodies and am inspired by her positive tones — which is probably why Colbie is often played on my iPod when I have camera in hand and am hunting down my shot.

The Little Things by Colbie Caillat

Rosi Golan is a more recent femme singer find ... last year to be exact. I just love the purity of her voice and 'bluegrass' style (is that a banjo or possibly ukulele I hear?). Her music simply makes me happy.

Shine by Rosi Golan

What is a song from your favorite artist?


  1. You mentioned some great artists Elton John and the Eagles. I would add Tom Petty to that list. I've alway's been a Classic Rock Girl along with some country. I was country, when country wasn't cool! And still am! I can appreciate just about any kind of music...except head banging and rapping.
    I've heard of Carole King but I'm not familiar with her music. But the pic you posted of her reminded me of an old favorite, James Taylor (You've got a Friend)!
    I don't listen to the radio much because I like to listen to my ipod instead. So, I don't hear much in the way of current hits. I would have to say that 'Seals and Crofts'(Summer Breeze)and 'Simon and Garfunkle'(My Little Town) have remained some of my favorites throughout my life. The list can go on and on and on! But it's so hard to choose so I'll stop right here.

  2. I'm a huge Tom Petty fan, too! AND I love Simon and Garfunkel as well (I saw them play here in San Diego, it was sweet!).

    Carole King and James Taylor sing a lot together. She's a songwriter who was nudged to sing her own stuff. In fact, I think she may have written 'You've Got a Friend." It's also on her Tapestry album.

    I'm not a hip hop nor rap fan either ... but, you'll find that goes out the window with tomorrow's entry ... LOL!

    Thank you!

  3. OK now I know that song,Carole King makes me think of Carly Simon's 'Anticipation'.

    Is your DOB in 61? Just curious!