Thursday, February 24, 2011

Day 15 - A song that describes you

30 Day Music Challenge
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Maybe I'm making this more difficult than I should ... which is what I usually do. Today's challenge is, well, challenging! I thought finding a song to describe me would be fun, but instead I'm confronted with trying to figure out how to encompass ME with just one song.

Let's face it ... we are humans, therefore we are complicated. Is there a song that says that?

  • I love my family (Where You Lead by Carole King) always and without reserve. 
  • I met a man in my husband who I never want to spend a moment without (Better Together by Jack Johnson). 
  • I take pride in and hold dear to my heart everyone and every experience I have been honored to have had in my life (In My Life by Bette Midler).
  • Sometimes I look into the mirror and I feel fabulous (I'm Too Sexy by Right Said Fred). 
  • Other times ... not so much (Undone by Weezer). 
  • But, for the most part I'm just simply mesmerized by the world around me (Feelin' Groovy by Simon & Garfunkel

So, I guess that's me in a musical nutshell.

Although I will leave you with just one more ... hey, I can't help it if The Jackson Five sang a song about me!

 Rockin' Robin by The Jackson Five

What song describes you?

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