Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day 2 - Your least favorite song

30 Day Music Challenge
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Picking my least favorite song has proved to be as thought-provoking as picking my favorite. Sure, I could make it easy and go with anything from the types of music I'm not particularly fond of: punk rock, rap, heavy metal ... anything that screams or talks about poking nails in your eyes (I think you get my point). But, I believe this challenge would be more interesting (and less overwhelming) to find my least favorite song from songs that I would actually listen to.

With that said, this is the song that now comes to mind ... I Will Survive. Gloria Gaynor brought us many great songs, but in 1978 I Will Survive hit the charts. I have nothing against Gloria Gaynor ... and when I listen to her version now I don't even really 'hate' it, I just don't care for it very much. Maybe it has something to do with ... and I swear this is true ... after every breakup I experienced in my late teens/early twenties, this song would find its way to the radio. Ahhh, fond memories ...

I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

I have heard another version of this song in recent years that brings my mildly tolerant attitude for Gloria Gaynor's version into a full-blown 'I can't possibly listen to this song one more minute' state of being. And that's CAKE's version of I Will Survive ... I have nothing against CAKE ... I just don't like their low-key monotone droning on when they sing it (I know this will disappoint some peeps in my house, sorry!).

I Will Survive by CAKE

What's your least favorite song?

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