Thursday, February 3, 2011

Day 3 - A song that makes you happy

30 Day Music Challenge
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Today's song is one that makes you happy ... up ahead on Day 21 is 'A song you listen to when you're happy.' There is a difference. For me, a song that can make you happy must have the ability to invigorate and boost up just about any mood you may be in leaving you feeling carefree and exhilarated. I have such a song ... actually, I have three.

Years ago, I was traveling to L.A. to work with a friend on his production of Hair. There is a stretch of the 5 freeway heading north where you aren't quite in San Diego anymore, yet you aren't quite into Los Angeles either ... I was just out of reach of the responsibilities back home and not quite within reach of the responsibilities I was heading to. It's here that this song became one of my go to, feel good songs. My mom had lent me her red, Ford Mustang convertible and with the top down and the music blaring (really the only way to hear any music with the top down) I hit that stretch to the tune of Free Fallin.' Carefree, exhilaration and pure bliss are the only words to describe that sense of mobile freedom I felt that day ... and this song still has the power to bring me back there at a moment's notice.

Free Fallin' by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

I took my first real, adult vacation when I was 22 years old. Three girlfriends and I chose a seven-day Caribbean cruise aboard the SS Norway (Love Boat ... hello!) and yes, it was both fun and exciting! Everyday of the cruise there was a Steel Drum Band playing on deck and to this day, the sound of steel drums or any type of Reggae sends me right to vacation mode. Originally written and recorded by Neil Diamond in 1968, UB40 put their Reggae flair on this song in 1983 ... just as I was sailing. And so it goes, my ultimate favorite 'take me away' song.

Red, Red Wine by UB40

And finally, I thought I should put in a song that makes me happy ... just because. How can anyone resist the upbeat, feel good tempo of this song!

Walking on Sunshine by Aly & AJ

What song makes you happy?

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