Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Carnival at Night

Tonight was the Deck Party and late-night Mexican Buffet ... woo hoo! We decided to grab our cameras and photograph some of the festivities.

Shooting at night allows for some slower shutter speeds ... which really helped bring out the impression of movement from the dancing below, don’t you think?

INSIGHT: When shooting with slower shutters there is a high chance for blur (obviously). While we do want some motion blur to happen ... movement of dancing, etc ... there should also be something stationary in the frame (such as the Carnival Paradise name) to give the viewer a reference. Stabilizing the camera and using a remote or the timer for the shutter is a must.

It isn't as difficult as it may seem to find that one person who holds still during your slow shutter shot. People often hold very still when watching the action around them.

We wanted to make good use of the lighting available. The Lido Deck on the Carnival Paradise was especially pretty with the ever-changing colors in their lighting. Here, we used the spotlight  and natural break in the crowd to highlight the action.

Nothing beats a late-night Mexican Buffet, am I right? Check out the carved watermelon ... pretty fancy, wish I could do that!

That's about the extent of the Mexican Buffet photos ... we were too busy eating to take pictures! So, back to more fun night shooting!

We had fun this entire cruise take photos of the ship ... shocking, isn’t it. The Carnival Paradise looked simply elegant and divine in the evenings. Just look at those colors!

Here is the trick for getting a lounge chair ... just go to the pool late at night! Though, I wouldn’t jump right in, you might startle the guy cleaning the pool!

I wonder if I can save this lounge chair until tomorrow. Look at me ... the ultimate Chair Hog!

 Whale Tail!

Backside of Whale Tail!

Painting With Light

Yes, this is what we like to do ... and a cruise didn’t stop us from making a spectacle of ourselves, either. We got so caught up with our night shooting, we decided to bring it indoors and paint with lights in the elevator banks. People stopped by and watched, we gave a mini-class or two on the how-to’s and we had a great time together like we usually do.

INSIGHT: Did you you know that Rod is actually in this photo with me? We used an extremely slow shutter with the camera stabilized. Rod popped a quick flash on me to freeze me (I can hold still, but not that still). Then Rod ran around behind me with a pen light ... painting his way into this image. Do you see him? No, of course not ... but, he's there! That's the magic of slow shutters!

Inside, the Paradise Atrium was all lit up. I love how open the Atrium is on the Fantasy Class ships.

I could stand and watch the scenery for hours. People are on each deck doing their own thing. I love cruising!

Time to call it a night ... tomorrow is Behind the Fun Tour and Chef’s Table! Good night Mr. Stingray!

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