Monday, August 8, 2011

Let's Explore the Ship!

Our cabin is in a great location ... it seems everything begins at the Empress Deck. So let’s explore a bit.

Blue Riband Library

We head up the grand staircase to the Atlantic Deck and come to our first room. The Blue Riband LIbrary had a great decor ... very nautical. The windows were lined with ship models ... gee, is that the Normandie? And is that the Queen Mary? There were pieces of art and such that reminded us of the Paradise's them of "Great Ocean Liners of the World." Very fitting and reminiscent of our stay on the Queen Mary. We would find ourselves here often since it was the meeting place for both the Behind the Fun Tour and Chef's Table.

Memorabilia from Normandie and other 'Great Ocean Liners of the World' were encased in glass. 

The Normandie was one of the ship models lining the windows of the Blue Riband Library. 

Camp Carnival

Camp Carnival
We weren't traveling with any children this time but I wanted mention how great Carnival's kid program is (for parents and kids alike!). Camp Carnival has programs for different age groups and we found our way to some of the meeting spaces. For the young set, Camp Carnival caters to the 2 to 11 year olds. They have a fun looking room, don't they? I hear they even get to do Build-a-Bear! Next cruise I'm sneaking in and building one for myself! 

Circle C
Circle C is the club for 12 to 14 year olds.

Club O2
Club O2 is for the older teens (ages 15-17). At this point this is where we would find our kids ... well, at least the youngest! They have all grown so fast!

It's Show Time

The Normandie Main Lounge was the gathering place for shows, Bingo, talks ... and even our initial Lifeboat meeting spot. Looking towards the back you can see how large the Lounge is as it extends two levels. Looking forward ... well, the stage is very grand, gold and glitzy!

Hey, is that Rod I spot at the top of the stairs? 

Check it out ... I look like I'm on stage. Superstar!


Hey, we've reached the Promenade Deck!

The Carnival Blvd. Promenade extends the length of the ship and is filled with all kinds of fun places ... Majestic Casino, Cafe Ile De France (coffee shop), Club O2, Video Arcade, Rex Dance Club, Photo Gallery, a few bars and of course, everyone's favorite ... the $10 Store!

 The Promenade was lined with these cool art deco chairs and seating areas. A great place to sit and relax, looking out the windows and sipping a specialty coffee from Cafe Ile De France.

And later, in the evening, the Promenade is where the hungry gather for free Sushi!

Sushi LIne
The United States Bar.

The line for Sushi got quite long as it found its way down the Promenade towards the United States Bar, which was right outside the Majestic Casino.

We explored quite a bit of the ship already, but we had to linger at one of our favorite spots, the Paradise Atrium ... there was just SO MUCH to see! We even stopped long enough for a self-portrait. Nice of Carnival to use so many mirrors!

Living on the Lido

You enter the Buffet area through two long hallways ... Port side and Starboard side.

The Lido Deck has the best of two worlds ... food and fun in the sun! Along with everyone else who just embarked, we headed up to the Paris Lido Restaurant (AKA Lido Buffet) for some lunch. Outside was the Mongolian Grill with its continuously long lines, along with hamburgers and hotdogs. Inside was where the rest of the food was laid out. Here was the main buffet, salad bar, fruit bar, dessert shrine, deli, pizza and of course 24-hour soft-serve ice cream machines. Heaven on a Lido!

We ate lunch here everyday and found the staff to be both friendly and helpful. My first stop was always the Salad and Fruit Bar. If I could figure out how, I would have a continuous Salad Bar running in my house.

It's no wonder the food is such a large part of a cruise for us all. There is just so much there ... and plenty of choices. We can't help but be like kids in a candy store (hmmm, I wonder if that will ever be included).

Yes, you can pass me some of that fabulous dessert too! Thank you!

Here is Rod picking up something that I would never put on my plate. Fortunately, I have him ... I ate his off his plate! They were delicious! And no, I have no idea what it was!

Okay, I'm full now ... and it's almost time for Sail Away!

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