Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Being a VIP!

Tonight was Elegant Night ... AKA Formal Night ... AKA Get Spiffed Up Night ... AND we were looking good! We shine up really well!

First stop, the Atrium Bar where we noticed our piano player, Geza, was all dressed up for Elegant Night, too. I love the live music Carnival has in the Atrium, it really helps set the mood and creates a nice atmosphere.

We stopped long enough to taste-test some of Carnivals' tropical drink concoctions ... mmmmm!

The ship photographer’s were all around the Promenade offering various backgrounds and props for formal portraits ... scenes from the bow, ship’s railing, a piano and even the grand staircase from Titanic (yikes!). We were dressed and on the Promenade pretty early, around 6 p.m., and noticed there weren’t any lines at that time. Later it would get a lot busier.

We had portraits taken in about four different spots. For the most part the Photographer’s were fun as they ‘molded’ us into position. This is the one we liked best.

After all the fun taking photos, it was time to go to dinner.

Want to feel like a VIP?

It’s simple, really ... just sign up for Chef’s Table. While our Chef’s Table dinner wouldn’t be until Thursday evening (more on that later) tonight we were graced at our dining table with a visit from Chef Jorg Schneider, himself.

He came from the galley. I had a direct line of sight to the galley doors and saw him approaching our table. Wow, was I impressed when he stopped there wearing his full-on Chef jacket and hat. Chef Jorg introduced himself to us, telling us he looked forward to our Chef's Table and inquired about any food allergies we might have. Now, I don’t have any food allergies (neither does Rod) but I don’t care for seafood ... at all. I didn’t really want to be a bother, but as Chef Jorg pressed further I found myself admitting my dislike for fish. He was very accommodating and proceeded to conjure up a menu that would be to my satisfaction.

How did he even know we were there? I mean it wasn’t like we had a Traditional dining time with a set table. We had Your Time Dining and could come as we pleased. I’m convinced Carnival is just magical. Really, that is the only explanation.

Oh, and the people dining all around us ... envious stares of curiosity being directed towards us the rest of the evening, yes us the VIPs! LOL!

Well, another end to another great day ... and we were greeted in our room this night by my new favorite towel animal, the Elephant!

Tomorrow is Ensenada and our Shore Excursion!

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