Monday, January 17, 2011

Traveling the Road Together

On a weekly basis, I have the pleasure to not only take my own journey ... but to participate in many other people's journey through photography as well. The students of IFLC San Diego Photography Courses truly are an inspiration to me. Their thirst for knowledge, their desire to find their own vision, and their perseverance in making it all work together fuels my ambition to continually strive to better myself.

One of the more frequent questions I get from new students looking to embark on this journey is "What classes should I take?" I realize this question is backed by many different priorities from each individual perspective and so I try to weigh my response accordingly. You see, not every person has the same goal in mind, but, they do all have something in common ... wanting to learn how to be In Focus.

We have set up our courses to fit all kinds of needs, desires and time frames. We offer full four-session core courses, three-session specialty courses and one-day workshops to fit the various needs of our students. We have courses in basic mechanics, flash, composition, portraits, landscapes, and macro ... to name just a few. So, it's no wonder that some students don't know where to begin ... or even which road to travel next.

While we work hard to make each of our courses & workshops the best they can be, there are three courses that build a strong foundation for any photographer ... no matter what their goals or intentions are. In Focus I: Mastering the Mechanics, In Focus II: Composition and Flash Photography I offer students a well-rounded introduction into true In Focus photography. These three courses alone will give any photographer the tools at hand to create amazing images.

And it's in these tools ... or experiences ... that the journey becomes interesting. The more experiences we have ... the more options are born. The more options we have ... the more creative we can be. The more we push ourselves ... the more road we gain.

And luckily, for most of us ... we don't have to travel it alone.

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