Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mind, Body and Soul ... A plan for a better (and happier) me!

Granted, New Year's Resolutions are cliche ... but, that doesn't make them bad nor ineffective. Having a goal, afterall, is the foundation for getting things done and writing those goals down is the best way I know to begin to develop a plan. And we all know, without a plan ... not much will get done. That's why I'm sitting here on New Year's Day taking stock of myself, blogging my goals in stark black and white ... and looking at where I want to be throughout this new year.

I think I'll call it the Mind, Body and Soul Plan.

This past year of writing ... 2010 ... stretched and exercised my mind, there is no doubt. So, I want to continue on that path, but with a few additions.
  • Write: Blog more - Yes, you may have noticed my lack of blogging commitment (the last entry was April 2010) so I want to make a conscious effort to improve. Blogging is a way to express myself (even if it's only to me) and it stimulates those creative juices. Let's be reasonable here and shoot for 52 blog entries this year. That's one a week ... hopefully I will do more, but I think this is a realistic goal.
  • Read: I love to read and find I sometimes put that pleasure on the back burner as I move more 'important' priorities up front. My new Nook should help improve that ... by the way, I love my new Nook and I never thought I would like this type of digital media. I was always such a hard-back book snob! But, I love it and I know this goal won't be that difficult.
  • Learn: What I love about life is that there is always something to learn. With our business, this isn't hard. Between new photo techniques, equipment or philosophies and Web site building, html coding and other 'business' type stuff the opportunities to learn something new will be everywhere. I just need to be aware.
Isn't this one of the cliche-est resolutions of them all? But, it's a real one so I'm writing it down. Of course, I want to lose weight but, more than that, I want to feel better. So, here is the plan.

  • Drink: I have to get back to my water. I'm making this a definite goal because somewhere I lost that desire to reach for a water over a Diet Coke ... seriously, I need to fix that.
  • Eat: This year I will learn about this whole carbohydrate thing ... this will be tough since my mainstay diet consists of pasta with tomatoes. Trust me when I tell you ... in this whole plan this may prove to be the hardest.
  • Move: Fortunately, we are outdoors moving around quite a bit. But, I realize that is different from (shall I say it?) ... exercise. Our Kinect systems offers a pretty good exercise plan ... complete with a virtual personal trainer who tracks my every move through some techno-sensors that scans my body and splashes my silhouette (in all its realistic glory) on the television screen for all to see. Not for the faint of heart. But, someday I will see that silhouette improve.

This will be my favorite part. Feeding the soul is inspirational and taps directly into me. Now some of this plan may seem ridiculous but, I will not apologize for it. It simply is what it is ... and it's what will make me the happiest.

  • Femme: I love being a girl ... how cool that we can listen to sappy music, watch tear-jerker movies, read romantic novels and have the opportunity to carry fashionable, designer camera bags! I will pay honor to the chick that I am by remembering I can be and do all of those things ... without regret or apology.
  • Create: This may seem easy enough ... but, I have to get back to my roots and find the time to create in my photography. It's way too easy to get caught up in the business side and forget the passion that brought you there to begin with.
  • Travel: There isn't a better time in our lives than when we are exploring some place with our cameras. It doesn't have to be far-off or exotic ... just away. Removing ourselves from the daily life and changing up the routine is rejuvenating ... and definitely feeds my soul.

And so this is my plan ... in all of its cliched glory ... for the New Year 2011. I've already done well ... this is the first post of my 52 blog entries, only 51 more (at least) to go. Success!


  1. Love it, Robin! And after all, those cliches are only cliches, as long as you prove them go girl, and show them all!! Can't wait to read blog #2 ;-)
    Happy New Year!

  2. CREATE,so many photographers get into business and forget about the joy of just taking photos, creating and having fun of photography.

    TRAVEL, there is a great big world outside of SD, go for it, you guys do a little but how about more classes other than in SD.

    FORGET the carbs and water enjoy the pasta and Coke, really makes no difference if it is water or coke just that you get fluids.

    Congratulations on a great New Years blog.


  3. Thank you for your kind words and support!