Monday, March 28, 2011

Yay! My Kelly Moore camera bag has arrived!

After a long awaited ... wait ... the waiting is finally over (did I mention the wait?). My Kelly Moore camera bag has finally arrived and it is fabulous!

It has been just under three months since I posted my obsession for this designer camera bag (click here for the post). I was looking to add some 'femme pizzazz' to my camera wardrobe. I thought for sure Kelly Moore was the answer ... and she didn't disappoint.

I originally drooled over the B-Hobo bag in black but since changed my mind (a girl's perogative, right?) to the walnut instead. My reasoning?
1) Most of my camera bags are already black AND 2) I wanted a designer bag that wasn't sooooo fussy that I wouldn't feel comfortable schlepping it around. So brown it was.

These choices worked out well (for me) and after a week of using my new bag I can confidently say it was worth the price. Her bags don't come cheap, but then again that 'designer' word was the first clue! They are built well, however, and offer the accessibility I was looking for ... along with the pizzazz.

There are two removable dividers inside so I can section off up to three compartments.

As you can see, the compartments are roomy and can fit a lot of camera gear if necessary. My larger 70-200mm lens even fits comfortably in this bag along with my flash, flash cord a modification device and my Macro tubes (of course!) with some room to spare. With some planning, my camera body will fit as well (though I usually just carry that).

Some of the other features I like are the outer pockets.

There are two zippered pockets on the front of the bag and a larger one on the back. All of the pockets are lined with the same fabulous fuschia colored lining that is found on the inside of the bag. These pockets can hold anything from extra memory cards, batteries and microfiber cloths to my driver's license, money and lip gloss, making this one great camera bag.

My favorite pocket, though, has to be the cellphone pocket on the outside edge (there is one on each side). I don't usually use pockets made for cellphones because I have found them in the past to be ill-fitted ... making me always stressing about the safety of my phone. This pocket holds my iPhone snugly and securely, yet gives me enough room to whip it out at a moment's notice. Nice! 
I appreciate the attention to detail that was placed in this camera bag.  The antique brass hardware is not only nice looking, but sturdy as well. There is an invisible magnet inside the front flap which allows it to stay securely put without any fuss. The added zipper to the main compartment is a nice touch (security is always a concern for me) and it's especially useful when the flap is pulled back for easy access.

Another great feature — the camera bag comes with two straps! A shorter one for hand carrying and a longer one for cross-body wearing. The longer strap also has a shoulder pad for added comfort.

But, the best part of this new Kelly Moore 'B-Hobo' camera bag — it's finally mine and it looks simply delicious on! 

Check out the Kelly Moore Bags at to see the different styles, colors and their functionality. 

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